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Infor BI

A powerful infrastructure. Infor BI is a real-time, in-memory, online, analytical processing database for multi-dimensional analysis, planning and modeling. You can use Infor BI to access many types of data sources, including applications, relational databases, text, data in Microsoft Analysis Services cubes, Amazon Redshift, and SAP Business Warehouse, and more.

With Infor BI you get

  • A BI solution designed for business users
  • User-configurable content
  • On-demand analytics delivered to desktop and mobile devices
  • Real-time, in-memory database for multi-dimensional analysis planning and modeling

You’ll be able to

  • Get fast access to real-time information, no matter where you are.
  • Access accurate data from all parts of your organization.
  • Understand and identify your company’s problems and challenges.
  • React faster and with greater confidence.

Holistic solution suite

  • Write-back capabilities for predictive analytics, forecasts, budgeting
  • In-memory calculation
  • Full extensibility
  • Integration with Microsoft Office documents
  • 22 languages

Better business insight

With Infor BI’s flexible modeling features and integration, you get an ideal platform for better analysis models. Improve your business decisions and your confidence in those decisions by introducing multidimensional data into your modeling process to enhance what-if comparisons.

You’ll be able to test multiple business scenarios quickly, view information down to any level of detail, and set up business rules to reflect interdependencies. You’ll immediately see how a possible sales rebate would impact your bottom line, since calculations are performed in real time. Benefit from better compliance with regulatory and audit requirements with user security settings.

Get one solution for all your analytics needs With Infor® BI, you get a fully integrated, state-of-the art business intelligence platform for all types of financial and operational analytics and performance management. Infor BI is supported in 22 different languages, and is in use by more than 3,000 customers in over 100 countries. Companies large and small rely on Infor BI for standard reporting, dashboards, flexible ad hoc reporting and analysis, business planning, budgeting, forecasting, and financial consolidation.

Infor BI sits at the core of Infor Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management (d/EPM), Infor’s integrated suite of financial performance management applications, packaged analytics, and compliance tools that operates across your underlying systems. Thanks to a common interface across all the apps, you get business insights you can trust to be real-time, accurate, and easy to consume. Because Infor BI powers this platform, you can easily extend prebuilt content with any specific requirement you may have.

A customizable front end. You can create your own browser-based dashboards for self-service analytics, management reports, data visualization, and application content. You also get the ability to deliver rich dashboards and data visualizations to mobile users via an iPad®, and also for power users in Excel®, or via a web browser. Analytics can also be delivered in-context to business applications to help enterprise application users make better choices at the point of decision. You can get notifications to proactively alert you of potential problems, and be able to analyze the root causes and take action.

Get data wherever you work

As an end-user, you can create your own dashboards and analysis right from your iPad or web browser, without requiring IT or power users to do it for you. Thanks to powerful self-service capabilities, you can easily and securely discover and inspect data. You also can annotate dashboards and share information with other users from your mobile device.

Enter data for forecasting, planning, and what-if scenarios, and get insight into business information and trends, wherever you are. Or create or update plans and forecasts to drive business improvement. Once you have the information you need, you can quickly export information to Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, or other formats. And because Infor BI plugs into Infor Ming.le™, you can use social collaboration as part of your decision-making process.

Whether you’re visiting customers, partners, or suppliers, you’ll have the information you need at your fingertips with browser and mobile-based dashboards.


Measure your business

With Infor BI, you have a single system that measures and monitors your business, delivering timely and up-to-date information in a format that is immediately useable. Out-of-the-box, you have access to analysis models that sit on top of any dataset and automatically identify trends, outliers, clusters, and rankings—to name just a few—to draw your attention to the most important information and use it to drive decisions. You can easily adapt your own reports and create new ones. Data is automatically filtered and secured so that you see only the information that is relevant to you.

Contextual analytics

To evaluate business processes, you need more than numbers. You need access to essential background information on customers, contacts, and more, which is often stored in text files, spreadsheets, emails, websites, and other semi-structured files. With Infor BI, you can supplement your reports with links to these relevant documents and web pages. You can also incorporate geo-spatial displays of data by overlaying analytical information on top of Google Maps™. You can immediately begin to tap your current data sources because the solution easily adapts to your company’s structures.


Sophisticated information analysis

Sorting, ranking, color-coding, animated charts, tooltips, and other advanced analytic options help you assess information in seconds. Browse data by dragging and dropping desired elements in a web browser or Excel. You can also zoom in to more detail on desired elements. By creating new or modifying existing models within the Excel environment, you’ll keep the software in sync with changes—without requiring support from IT.

Access rights and user profiles

View only the information you need for your tasks using detailed access rights and user profiles. Prepare and filter raw data into specialized information using a list concept, and easily create ad-hoc analyses and reports on the fly (much like using a pivot table). Plus, you can publish reports quickly and easily on your corporate intranet and the web. You can export data into pure HTML, so client-side work is minimal.


Advanced application creation

Using spreadsheet functions you can transform your analytic views into a standard BI application. You can create content that ranges from basic to complex—even adding report jumps on charts or navigation menus—and then connect them to existing data sources in minutes. Your information screens will maintain their professional layout with zero maintenance because Infor BI Application Studio automatically selects the correct number of rows and columns for each query.

You’ll be able to easily create sophisticated reports such as trend analyses using helpful wizards. Advanced users and Business Intelligence Competency Centers can also produce custom templates and adapt standard ones to include corporate design, key performance indicators, and more, making their BI solution unique and giving them a competitive advantage.

Focused architecture for targeted business results

Now you can grow a comprehensive business intelligence system, step-by-step, as your needs require and budget allows, because of Infor’s tiered business intelligence architecture. You’ll not only keep costs under control, you’ll have the opportunity to take a careful, methodical approach to implementation, perfecting each phase before going on to the next. You’ll get quick answers to the questions that matter most with Infor BI for CloudSuite Industrial, thanks to its assortment of pre-built, role-based dashboards and reports, organized to support the most important aspects of your business, including:



Analyze critical aspects of your manufacturing operations, throughout, ongoing costs, and other critical variables. Monitor performance by product, department, cost center, and projects.



Track costs and profitability according to customer, site, and time period. Compare current performance to past periods and monitor costs against budget.



Review sales performance by product, channel, customer, representative, and region.


Inventory and purchasing

View key statistics, including inventory cost by line item, vendor performance, receipts and returns, and cost by product code.


Adapt to change

With Infor BI, you’ll be able to benefit from standard analysis and reports that adapt and evolve along with your business. The information you receive is always complete and up-to-date, as the solution automatically captures and presents new data. You can quickly see the potential impacts of changes before they happen. You can model what-if scenarios with multiple business rules and interdependencies, improving not only your business decisions, but also your confidence in those decisions.

Advanced technology in a familiar environment

Take advantage of high-level functions in a comfortable spreadsheet environment, using your spreadsheet skills without the limitations of individual spreadsheets. Use all of Infor BI Office Plus and Infor BI Application Studio’s functions using wizards and tip assistants that offer additional support. Changes in your structures will be automatically updated in your report with the use of innovative hyperblocks.


Change the speed of business

You can change business rules and see the results of those changes quickly, because all modeling is done in the memory-resident calculation engine. You can even modify the information during your analysis, instead of having to go back to the original data source. Users won’t need to look through pages and pages of reports to find what’s important. Best of all, you’ll save money and time by reducing the manual and duplicated efforts of each of your employees because a single system will be acquiring information from disparate data sources and pulling it into one contextually aware business intelligence platform.

Become more competitive

With information spread across multiple systems within your organization, you need a technology solution that provides the most timely and accurate information, anywhere, anytime, and with a single version of the truth that makes the most business sense. You get just that with Infor BI.


Infor BI feautres

Infor BI OLAP Server

Plan, model, and analyze with real-time insights

Infor BI OLAP Server supplies multidimensional data into your modeling process to enhance “what if” scenarios and driver-based planning. This in-memory OLAP database for real-time, planning, modeling, and analysis not only improves your business decisions, but also your confidence in those decisions.

Infor BI Office Plus

Deliver advanced reporting

Infor BI Office Plus is an integrated Microsoft Excel interface that delivers advanced reporting and sophisticated business analysis to improve collaboration and optimize key processes. Without requiring help from IT, users can use this tool to easily create sophisticated reports, produce custom templates, and adapt standard ones to incorporate design elements, key performance indicators, and more.

Mobile apps with BI dashboards

Unify the mobile and desktop experience

Infor mobile apps with BI Dashboards help you create intuitive, individualized dashboards in a web browser or on an iPad—sharing the same architecture and closely integrated with Infor Application Studio content.

Infor BI Application Studio

Create planning and reporting interfaces

A web-based front end for data visualization—including reports, analysis, dashboards, and data entry-the application studio enables users to create planning and reporting interfaces without needing any programming skills.

Infor BI ImportMaster

Integrate data from any source

Create an OLAP model and integrate data from any source via open database connectivity (ODBC) or file import. With Infor BI ImportMaster, you can connect to virtually any market-leading source system, including Infor LN, Infor CloudSuite™ Industrial, Infor M3, and Infor ION, as well as Microsoft and Oracle databases, and SAP systems.

Special solutions

How Infor d/EPM helps the CFO

As a CFO or a business leader, you strive to make informed decisions for your business. But key decisions require accurate and reliable information, solid analysis, strong financial discipline, and the application of best practices.

Watch this video for a summary from Infor President Duncan Angove on how Infor d/EPM was designed and how it’s helping CFOs take control of decisions, while avoiding chaos in decision support architecture.

Deep analytics and insight

Transform information into actionable insights and make data a competitive advantage with deep analytics and business intelligence. You’ll get a real-time view of performance across your business to help you speed decision making and unlock siloed data between your enterprise applications.

Intelligent financial performance management

By combining planning, budgeting, and forecasting in a single system, you get better predictive modeling and an agile platform for your operational planning, workforce budgeting, and sales estimates. You can incorporate your strategic plans and monitor against your actual performance, as well as consolidate your holdings for complete financial reporting.

Holistic risk and compliance

Streamline external audits, cut the cost of compliance, and provide holistic views of data and user access across multiple business environments—all with continuous and automated monitoring. You’ll gain the visibility and access you need to minimize your organization’s risk of noncompliance and security breaches, and save hundreds of hours by eliminating laborious preparation activities.


Security, Data level security
Security, Data level security
  • BI Roles and Permissions
  • IFS for SSO
  • Active Directory
  • BI Web Front End – SAML 2.0
  • OAUTH 1.0 / 2.0 API
Data level security
  • Permission and data role management
  • Shared schema for Load from Source
  • Auditing and Logs
BI Self Service
BI Self Service
  • Adhoc Analysis
  • Step by Step Wizard
  • Datalinks and Olap data sources
  • Soho Xi Chart Guide
  • Comparison/Variance widget types
  • Save as Favorite
  • Paging
  • Export to PDF, Excel
  • Advanced analysis modules (ABC)
BI Dashboards
BI Dashboards
  • Responsive Design
  • Widget Interactivity
  • Pick Lists/Filters
  • Auto-Sizing
  • Export/Import
  • Geo Readiness
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Currency Support
Datalink Studio, BI App Engine
Datalink Studio, BI App Engine
Datalink Studio
  • Metadata Creation
  • Support for Static/Dynamic
  • Scriptable via programming model
  • Fully localizable metadata
  • Extensible
BI App Engine
  • Process editor with syntax highlighting and debugging
  • Data manipulation processes
  • R integration

Infor Birst - The Networked BI Solution

Networked BI is a breakthrough approach to data analytics that connects every part of your organization via a shared analytical fabric that every person can easily access and extend. It eliminates analytical silos once and for all, empowering everyone with self-service BI tools that enable you to leverage the collective business intelligence of your organization.
Infor Birst provides a single, elegant, cloud-based platform for networked business intelligence (BI). Birst’s pioneering networked analytics approach, built using modern cloud architecture, uses patented technology to enable individuals and groups to connect data and applications across an organisation, delivering speed and self-service for everyone.

Birst offers an end-to-end platform:

  • ETL/data preparation
  • Operational reporting
  • Visual data discovery
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Advanced analytics

Birst is designed to support enterprise-scale requirements of both large and medium-sized businesses. Birst solutions are cloud-based and multitenant, though on-premise installation is also possible.


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About Infor

Infor is fundamentally changing the way information is published and consumed in the enterprise, helping 70,000 customers in 194 countries improve operations, drive growth, and quickly adapt to changes in business demands. Infor offers deep industry-specific applications and suites, engineered for speed, and with an innovative user experience design that is simple, transparent, and elegant.  Infor provides flexible deployment options that give customers a choice to run their businesses in the cloud, on-premises, or both.

Infor customers include:

  • 19 of the top 20 aerospace companies
  • 12 of the top 13 high tech companies
  • 10 of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies
  • 84 of the top 100 automotive suppliers
  • 23 of the top 50 largest US public hospitals
  • 31 of the top 50 industrial distributors
  • 26 of the top 35 global retailers
  • 5 of the top 9 brewers

LLP Hungary is a Gold Channel Partner of Infor.