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New webinar series – Key topics: analyzing, forecasting and budgeting

Over the past years there is a growing tendency to seek solutions ensuring an integrated management of the financial and operative reports, and displaying annual budgeting and forecasting data on a common platform. Efficiency can be improved significantly by collecting the data produced in the individual systems, publishing reports and providing a visual display of the obtained results, but it is by far not enough!

In case of data produced or separately stored in the individual systems, it is a must to have a common platform, offering a consistent and transparent overview on the financial/economic situation of the company. This can be helpful in order to calculate the examined values in a uniform way, independently of the systems.

As it often happens, the employees working in the financial or controlling field spend an important amount of their productive time creating reports/statements. The statements produced this way are separated in time from the actual economic trends, and often prove to be different at the various departments of the company.

Besides reporting, yearly planning can also impose an extra burden on your colleagues. This can also be the case when it comes to demonstrating deviations from the approved plan, and from the expected performance value. The process of populating the modifications necessary for making the plan or the business forecast to all parts of the system, notifying all parties concerned and detecting all related changes is not only time consuming, but if it is performed manually, it may lead to eventual mistakes.

Moreover, in addition to the daily tasks, there is hardly enough time or good quality data available for the modeling used to support strategic decisions or “What if” type analysis.

If you have been trying to find a solution to all the above problems, but you kept deferring your decision because:

  • you found it too costly to implement a system with such comprehensive features, or
  • your colleagues were more afraid of innovation than of the occasional excessive workload in their usual routine,
  • maybe, the supplier could not offer/implement a Hungarian version of the solution that you found appealing,

you really should take a couple of minutes to get to know the INFOR BI solution that, thanks to LLP Group, is provided now with local support in Central-Europe as well. The INFOR BI solution is an ERP independent, complex data-display and analysis tool that came either first or second in all criteria examined according to THE Planning Survey 16 “The world’s largest survey of planning software users”, conducted by BARC.

Meet Infor BI, that is an ERP independent, complex data-display and analysis tool.
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