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Introducing Infor OS Platform

Infor products on the OS platform are designed for straightforward integration with Infor SunSystems, extending the functional capability of core financial systems into areas such as document management, business intelligence and social media. All products on the OS platform meet uniform standards for ease of use, look and feel.

The OS platform includes the following applications:

  • Infor Document Management makes document management easy. Infor SunSystems integrates with Infor Document Management (IDM) to enable the archiving of reports. For example, reports run by users or schedules can be configured to send PDF output files, along with key metadata, to IDM, which enables in-context record-to-document association through Infor Ming.le, and a secure repository for documents. You can also print documents within SunSystems and store them automatically in IDM. These documents will also be associated with the original transactions that are in SunSystems. If a document originates outside SunSystems you will be able to scan and approve it through ION and it will automatically generate a journal in SunSystems and associate the document with the transaction.
  • Infor Business Intelligence (BI)Though many customers have seen this as a separate product it is now embedded within SunSystems 6.3 and for a limited number of users this functionality is free. BI can bring you gains in productivity as well as a rich, intuitive user experience. As business intelligence is woven deeply into core Infor OS technology, your BI content and data insights will become a seamless part of your business workflow and collaboration process.
  • Infor Ming.le is a comprehensive platform for social collaboration, business process improvement, and contextual analytics. Giving you the most innovative social media concepts translated into a business environment, the solution marries communications with business processes to help you work smarter and faster. Users benefit from a great user experience and can work more efficiently. All supporting information necessary for journal posting, invoice booking, or decision making, etc. can be stored in Ming.le. No need to search for original documents in emails.
  • Infor ION is an advanced middleware platform inspired by internet architecture. Infor ION integration technology is built on HTML5, and gives you better performance, richer search capabilities, and easier integration than ever before. Its newly enhanced graphical mapper gives you a clearer, more intuitive tool for building process flows. You can automatically alert users based on key issues so that they respond immediately. It also allows you proactively to monitor and manage your workflow status and document traffic, identify workflow exceptions, monitor key performance indicators, and gain visibility of your overall business network efficiency.

These applications are available for our customers FREE OF CHARGE for a limited number of users and specific functionality.