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Introducing Infor BI Q&A Dashboards

Infor BI Q&A Dashboards is a new application in the Infor BI suite which enables visualisation of SunSystems 6.x/4.x data through web browsers or mobile apps, allowing real-time monitoring of KPIs (key performance indicators). Creation of Dashboards is quick and easy and is done directly in a web browser through “Self-Service Wizards”. The user is guided through steps that enable choice of type of visualisation, query type (“Summary report/Detail report”). The Dashboard is then ready to use.

You may also display a number of different Dashboards on a single screen, each one having different data sources – not only data from SunSystems but also from any web link, Excel file, CRM or ERP system, etc.

One interesting feature enables the linkage of Dashboards using parameters such as Year or
Month, so that after update all linked Dashboards are recalculated.