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1. General rule

Visiting and using the website of LLP Hungary Kft. is only allowed under the following provisions and conditions, whilst being in compliance with the legal regulations of Hungary.

2. Copyrights

The whole content of the website is under copyright protection, and all related rights are owned exclusively by LLP Hungary Kft.

No references can be made to this website (links) without the prior written consent of LLP Hungary Kft. Even in case of consent given to the creation of links, it is prohibited to include any contents of the website into other websites (framing or embedded link), moreover, links may only be created to the home page of the website.

Users have the right to read the website of LLP Hungary Kft., create summarized copies thereof by printing, downloading it onto disks and transferring it to third parties, nevertheless, in all cases, such uses may only be possible for personal, exploratory, non-commercial purposes. It is prohibited to sell or transfer any parts of the website for a commercial benefit, moreover, it is prohibited to modify any parts of the website or to integrate it into any other works, publications or websites, both in an electronic or in a traditional form. Besides those described here, LLP Hungary Kft. does not provide any other authorizations or rights in connection with its website.

3. Trademarks

The trademarks and logos, as well all available information and other materials are under copyright protection, and all associated rights are owned exclusively by LLP Hungary Kft.

The trademarks, logos, information and other materials available on the website cannot be published, diffused, copied or used by third parties for any purposes that are different to that of this website without the express prior written consent of LLP Hungary Kft.

4. The content of the website

The information available on the website are published by LLP Hungary Kft. only for the purposes of information. The company reserves the right to make any modifications or corrections of the website any time when deemed necessary, without prior notice.

5. Related websites

The website of LLP Hungary Kft. may contain interfaces (so-called hyperlinks or references) which offer a possibility for automatic connection to other websites on the internet. These related websites may eventually be owned or managed by third parties.

LLP Hungary Kft. only provides access to related websites, but shall not take any duties or responsibilities for these websites or for the information they contain.

6. Data protection – the collection and use of personal data

LLP Hungary Kft. respects the personal rights of the visitors of its website. Personal data shall mean all data that allow for your identification. For example: name, address, phone number, e-mail address.

LLP Hungary Kft. only records personal data provided on a voluntary basis. By sharing information on your personal data, you will automatically give us authorization to use this information in the way and for the purposes described here or specifically defined on the website.

Your personal data will be recorded in the database of LLP Hungary Kft. The data are processed by LLP Hungary Kft. in a strictly confidential way.

Besides its ways and purposes of use defined on the website, the personal data, provided on a voluntary basis may be used by LLP Hungary Kft. in the following manner:

  • For the purposes of sending data to a specific person and address
  • For providing information on the services by post, in an electronic letter or over the phone
  • For sending newsletters, making recommendation on services

Other information that we can use: – cookies which help the server computer hosting the materials of our website to identify whether you have already visited our website in case of visiting it again, and whether you have already given us certain data, therefore these data will not be requested once more.

Our website may save certain information on your computer such as the IP address, the type of the browser or the operating system of the computer.

This information is not considered personal data.

7. Changing the legal notice

We reserve the right of modifications. Such changes should be made by LLP Hungary Kft. in its own powers, but the company shall inform its users about them at this part of the website in all cases.